The HIV/AIDS Prevention Research Network, Cameroon

The HIV/AIDS Prevention Research Network, Cameroon


HIVPREC is a Non Governmental Organization for the prevention of HIV/AIDS through formalized education. It was set up in October 2011 by Dr. ELVIS E. TARKANG (PhD), a specialist in HIV/AIDS prevention. He partnered with a group of Cameroonians and other nationals resident in Cameroon, who have a charitable and humanitarian touch.

HIVPREC has as main objectives amongst others:

  • The integration of psychosocial, socio-cultural, gender, epidemiological and biomedical sciences contents to sexuality and education programs in order to explicate the real threat of HIV/AIDS and to make these programs real educational programs.
  • The development and introduction of training programs and workshops for parents, teachers, youths and community leaders on HIV/AIDS prevention.
  • Training of HIV/AIDS prevention educators.
  • Research and interventions on adolescents¬† sexual behavior.

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