The HIV/AIDS Prevention Research Network, Cameroon

The HIV/AIDS Prevention Research Network, Cameroon



We strive for a society free of HIV/AIDS and also made up of healthy, enlightened and productive citizens.

Our Mission

We are a legalized NGO concerned with the prevention of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted Diseases (STDs) through formalized education ensuring a healthy and productive society void of STDs and HIV/AIDS


How We Operate (Activities);

We first of all identify our target population,

Secondly, we carry out extensive or massive public education programmes to our target population through seminar or workshops organization and participation in public event organization. This we do to remedy or control the spread of HIV/AIDs epidemic since there is yet no vaccine or cure for it.

Display of didactic materials on HIV/AIDs (Charts, CDs, etc) as well as the distribution of leaflet and flyers bearing information on the origin and nature of HIV, modes of transmission , myths about HIV transmission and modes prevention. Encourage a positive and caring attitude towards persons with HIV/AIDs, tolerance for alternative lifestyles and respect for human right.

Raise awareness about the need to address social and economic factors that contribute to HIV transmission including poverty migration, convicts and women status.

Provide lectures on HIV/AIDs and STDs prevention and demonstration through the correct use of male and female condoms as well as effective distribution of male and female condoms.

Other Objectives of HIVPREC:

  • Design HIV/AIDS curricula for primary schools, secondary schools and tertiary institutions.
  • Open training centres for the training of HIV/AIDS prevention instructors, who will be charged with the teaching of HIV/AIDs education in communities and schools.
  • Organise workshops in order to sensitise parents, youths, community leaders, the general population and people with disabilities in order to equip them with knowledge regarding HIV/AIDS and to empower them with communication skills for easy communication on sexual matters.
  • Organise sensitisation campaigns regarding HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections in the neighbouring villages, towns and regions of Cameroon.
  • Organise sensitisation campaigns against gender-based violence, rape and stigma/discrimination of people living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Design institutional HIV/AIDs policies for local governments, agro-estates and other establishments in Cameroon.
  • Carry out intensive research in the area of HIV/AIDs prevention among the general population, adolescents and people with disabilities.
  • Partner with state institutions and other agencies in the fight against HIV/AIDs, gender-based violence and rape and stigma/discrimination of people living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Research and intervention in matters concerning adolescent sexual behaviours.
  • Give material support to the communities in the area of HIV/AIDS prevention.
  • Implementation of research results.


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